Nestor´s Story

As a child living in Foz do Iguacu, it was always exciting to cross the two large bridges which in one direction connected Brazil with Argentina, and Brazil with Paraguay in the other.  These two bridges spanning the Iguazú and Parana Rivers, were located in such close proximity to my house, it made it possible to be in 3 different countries in minutes. The cities located at each end of those bridges are home to 3 distinctly different cultures, but at the same time, they are united by a pride for the part of the world we all call home.


Because I grew up in Brazil with parents from Paraguay, I naturally speak Portuguese and Spanish​, but I also communicate ​in ​Paraguay’s other national​ language – Guarani.  At 18 ​yrs old ​when I turned my attention to learning English, ​saving​ a few dollars, ​before I ​packed a bag and took off to experience life in New York City. ​On arrival, I quickly learned​ that in order to survive in the Big Apple, you must be able to deliver a high level of customer service, and that is something I really embraced during my 10 years there. I ended up earning my crust as a chauffeur, delivering the highest quality of service while transporting wealthy clients around one of the largest and intense cities in the world – I loved it!


But eventually Iguazu called me home, and I returned with a new appreciation for the world, and was armed with a new brand of customer appreciation instilled in me from working as a high-end chauffeur during my time in the States.  I quickly gained government credentials as a travel and tourism guide and made my name managing several tourism operations in the area. Today I own the travel company which is the engine behind IguazuFalls.Travel; but don’t be surprised if I myself turn up to drive your transfer, I never get tired of seeing the falls and exploring the cities, but most of all, I love showing visitors the magic of Iguazu!