Are you an avid traveler? Do you write a travel blog or have a website devoted to travel? If so we would love to talk. This applies to professional videographers as well plus those of you with a lot of followers on social media including Instagram.


If you fall into any of these categories and are planning on travelling to the Iguazu Falls, we may be able to help you with a travel discount in exchange for you doing a little work for us.



Are you a travel blogger?

Our Proposal

For Bloggers


We are reaching out to bloggers who either have their own web domain or who write travel blogs as a contributor. You don’t even have to write in English because we are open to other languages as well.


Please contact us with links to your website, blog or recent online articles so we can get a feeling for your audience, see what you like blogging about and evaluate your writing style.  


We’re interested in good quality writing, your ability to engage with your readers, and where your blog ranks on Google. This will help us determine what sort of discount we can offer you on travel to Iguazu Falls. Once we have it figured out we will email our proposal.


Our proposal will include a promise that you will write candidly about your experience. We are not going to offer suggestions, as we want you to write an honest and heartfelt accounting of your trip. We will also ask that you to provide your readers with a link to our website.



For Videographers

We know how people all over the world love watching videos, especially those featuring spectacular travel destinations like the Iguazu Falls. We always need fresh content to display on our website and for our online video channels. If you are a good professional videographer with plenty of experience and your own camera equipment we’d like to talk to you. On our end, we would be open to paying for your transportation plus the cost of touring Iguazu Falls in exchange for your video footage.


We would love to see some videos you’ve taken of other tourist destinations, so please send us your portfolio.


We will probably give you some idea of the types of videos we want of the area, but we would definitely not tell you what or where to shoot. We want you to enjoy your trip and are hoping that comes through on your video.



Calling people with social media following

For Those With a Social Media Following

If you are an Influencer of have a large following on social media, especially Instagram, we are certainly interested in hearing from you. Just give us your handle or username and we’ll get busy checking you out. If it looks like you’re someone we can work with, we will definitely be in touch.






Our Offer in Exchange for Your Help

We are not in a position to offer any accommodations or activities on our site, however we can offer you a travel discount in the form of a refund in exchange for your help. The reason your discount would be sent to you as a refund is because in the past we’ve had participants not hold up their end of the bargain.


Once you’ve provided us with the blog’s, articles or videos you’ve agreed to, we will send you the agreed upon refund for your travel expenditures. This means that you will be responsible for booking and paying for your trip upfront.


Once we have a good understanding of what you have to offer and what your travel plans are, we will be in touch with our proposal.