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Ciudad del Este Airport Transfers


Transfers from the airport of Ciudad del Este begin with your driver waiting for you as you arrive holding a sign welcoming you to the city.  The airport is otherwise known at the Guarani International Airport, and it’s airport code is abbreviated as: AGT.  It is Paraguay’s second largest airport, and fittingly it services Paraguay’s second largest city, which lies on the border with Brazil and Argentina.  Airlines that fly to Ciudad del Este airport currently include LATAM and also Amaszonas airlines.


We are regularly at the airport transferring our clients either to the downtown hotels of Ciudad del Este, or across to Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, or Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.  Note that when travelling to Puerto Iguazu, you first cross into Brazil, before crossing in Argentina.


Transfer Distances from Ciudad del Este Airport

  • Downtown Ciudad del Este, Paraguay – 23 kilometers / 14 miles (35 minutes*)
  • Downtown Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil – 35 kilometers / 22 miles (45 minutes drive time + time taken crossing border*)
  • Foz do Iguacu Airport, Brazil – 50 kilometers / 32 miles (1 hour 10 minutes drive time + time taken crossing border*)
  • Iguazu Falls Entrance, Brazil Side – 55 kilometers / 34 miles (1 hour 15 minutes drive time + time taken crossing border*)
  • Downtown Puerto Iguazu, Argentina – 48 kilometers / 30 miles  ( 1 hour 20 minutes drive time + time taken crossing 2 borders*)
  • Puerto Iguazu Airport, Argentina – 65 kilometers /   40 miles ( 1 hour 45 minutes drive time + time taken crossing 2 borders*)
  • Iguazu Falls Entrance, Argentina Side – 61 kilometers /   38 miles ( 1 hour 38 minutes drive time + time taken crossing 2 borders*)


*Transfer times stated above are with normal free flowing traffic.  Does not include traffic delays or time taken while doing border procedures




How to get from Foz do Iguacu to Ciudad del Este City & Airport


Foz do Iguacu, Brazil to Ciudad del Este, ParaguayTo get from Foz do Iguacu to Ciudad del Este you need to cross the international bridge that spans over the Parana river.  Each country has their immigration control on their respective sides of this bridge, so it is necessary to stamp out of Brazil first, and then cross the bridge before stamping into Paraguay.  To get to this bridge and beyond you can take a transfer or a local bus.


Transfer from Foz do Iguacu hotels and airport


If you take one of our transfers, your driver will pick you up from your hotel at the time of your choosing if going to a Ciudad del Este city location. If going to the airport, we recommend setting your pick-up to 4 hours before your flight because traffic and border procedures can cause major delays.   The advantage of a transfer is that your driver knows you need to do immigration and will wait for you on both sides of the bridge while you complete the procedures necessary to exit Brazil and enter Paraguay.


Local bus from Foz do Iguacu to Ciudad del Este


It is possible to take a local bus from Foz do Iguacu to Ciudad del Este and we are happy to provide information about doing this.  You must understand that the bus only stops at the Brazilian passport control if you notify the driver that you need to get off, and your bus will not wait for you while you visit the Brazilian immigration.  Therefore you must go back to the bus stop, and wait for the next bus and pay your fare again. Once back on a bus, you must inform the driver that you need to get off at the Paraguayan immigration, or again they will drive past it.


If you are willing to brave it and carry your belongings, it is possible to walk across the bridge and there is a lot of foot traffic doing the same thing. But this is not for those with a fear of heights, although there has been some recent improvements on the barricades separating the pedestrians from the traffic and the edge of the bridge.


To find the buses that go there from downtown Foz do Iguacu, make your way to the domestic terminal called the Terminal de Transporte Urbano (TTU).  Don’t go into the terminal because the buses actually depart from the street outside and parallel to it.  These buses also depart from the Foz do Iguacu long distance bus terminal before weaving through the city to the TTU, and then continue onto to the bridge.


Once in Paraguay, the buses pass by the outskirts of the central business center and weave their way to the Ciudad del Este bus terminal. If going to the bus terminal, remember you need to take another bus from outside the Paraguayan immigration control.  There are no regular buses that make the journey from the  city of Ciudad del Este to the airport, so you will need to wave down a taxi to drive you the rest of the 23 kilometers to the Guarani International Airport.

If you are short on time, or just want an easier way to get from Foz do Iguacu to Paraguay, you can book our transfers below.



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