Shared Shuttle – Puerto Iguazu Hotels to the Argentine Side of the Falls with Guide (Round Trip)



Departing daily, you will be collected from your accommodation in Puerto Iguazu and then driven  to the entrance of the Argentine Side of the Falls.

Shuttle from Foz do Iguacu to the Argentine side of the fallsYou will visit the the best trails for viewing the falls, and take the included train trip to the ‘Devil’s Throat’.

You also have the option to take a boat ride under the falls, and your guide will help you book that inside the park.

At the end of the day, you return to your accommodation in Puerto Iguazu.


About this Service


Daily Regular Transfer: Puerto Iguazu City -> Argentina National Park Entrance -> Puerto Iguazu City

Pick-up Time:  Starts at 07:15 am

Return Time:  This will be determined by the guide on the day. Return time will be assessed by when you cover all the sites on the route, and the group’s collective needs.  As a reference, on busy days the return is usually around 17:00pm.

Frequency: You may schedule a transfer for any day of the week.

Guide: You will be accompanied by an English speaking guide.

Vehicle: Size of vehicle depends on the number of people booked. Mostly a 14 seat shuttle van makes the pick up. If only 4 or less people, sometimes a sedan is used.

National Park Entrance Fee:  The entrance to the falls is not included. Your entrance needs to paid directly by you when you arrive to the National park.  Credit cards are not accepted, only cash in Argentine Pesos.  If you require, your driver will take you to a location to change currency on the way.

City Tax: There is a small EcoTourism tax of ARS$25 Argentine Pesos charged by the city of Puerto Iguazu which is not included and will need to paid on your way back from the park.

Pick up:  Locations within the city limits of Puerto Iguazu only.

Emergency Contact: We will send you phone numbers, email and WhatsApp details to stay connected.

Pit-Stops: This is a non-stop shuttle transfer. Stops on the way are not permitted.

Boat Trip:  The boat under the falls is not included in the price.  If you decide to do a boat trip, your guide will help you book this once inside the park.  You will get soaked, but you will be provided with waterproof bags to protect your belongings. It is a good idea to take swimwear to wear while on the boat.


Currency in Brazilian Real (R$)

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