Private transport from Puerto Iguazu to Argentine side of Iguazu Falls

There are a number of ways you can use our private transport to get from Puerto Iguazu to the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls while combining your trip with other destinations.


We not only offer transfers from your hotel in Puerto Iguazu to the falls on the Argentine side, but you may also find it timesaving to go to the falls directly from the airport on your arrival to Puerto Iguazu. On the other hand there is also the option of being picked up from your hotel and taking your luggage with you, then while you visit the falls, your driver will take care of your belongings. On your return to the vehicle, you can be directly transported to the airport in Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil if you are continuing your travels in Brazil.

Get from Puerto Iguazu city to the Argentine side of the falls

If you are staying in Puerto Iguazu, let us pick you up from any of the hotels, or hostels located in the city, or even an airbnb, and have your driver transfer you to the entrance of the Argentine side of the falls. After agreeing on a return time, you visit the greatest waterfalls on earth before finding you driver waiting to take you back to your accommodation.


How to get from the Puerto Iguazu airport to the Argentine side of the falls by transfer

Arriving early to the Puerto Iguazu airport allows you the opportunity to go see the marvel you have travelled so far to see straight from the airport.   Your driver will be there waiting for you as you exit the baggage area and will take you straight to the nearby national park.  You driver will mind your belongings while you are at the falls, and then you can be taken to a location of your choose.


How to get from the Argentine side of the falls to an airport in Iguazu.

Get picked up with all your belongings and go directly to the Argentine side of the falls. Your driver will mind your luggage while you visit the Iguazu Falls, then be ready to take you to an airport once you have finished exploring the park.  You have the option of being dropped off at the Puerto Iguazu airport, or cross the border into Brazil and be dropped off at the Foz do Iguacu airport.


We are the experts at transferring satisfied customer to the Argentine side of the falls, and then returning to take them to their location of choice after spending the day at the falls. We offer the most convenient routes to fit in with your travel schedule.  If you need to cross the border after seeing the Argentine side of the falls, our drivers will guide you through the process of exiting Argentina and entering Brazil, before dropping you at a hotel in Foz do Iguacu, or the airport.



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