Puerto Iguazu to airport of Ciudad del Este

Transfer Service Route 

1. Puerto Iguazu City

2. Argentina Border (Exit)

3. Brazil Border (Entry)

4. Brazil Border (Exit)

5. Paraguay Border (Entry)

6.  Ciudad del Este AGT Airport

Private Transfer

Puerto Iguazu to the Ciudad del Este AGT airport

To get to the Ciudad del Este airport we take you on a drive from Puerto Iguazu through Brazil and finally to Paraguay.  This is because there is no land bridge between Argentina and Ciudad del Este making it necessary to pass through Brazil.  This transfer stops at all immigration controls where you process your passport.

Available for any flights departing the AGT airport

Service Benefits

  Because there is no bridge between Puerto Iguazu and Ciudad del Este, the fastest way to the airport in Paraguay is to drive through a portion of Brazil.  Our service takes you on the fastest route to the Guarani AGT airport, and stops for you to do all passport procedures en route.


  Stopping to validate your passport 4 times can be stressful if you do not know where you need to go at each immigration control point,  but our drivers know exactly what you have to do for exiting Argentina, entering and exiting Brazil, and finally entering Paraguay.


   If you wish to avoid any language confusion because your Spanish and Portuguese isn’t the greatest, then you will want to pre-book this service and get to the airport faster.

Service Description

As previously explained, getting from Puerto Iguazu to the AGT airport isn’t as straightforward as just driving to the airport, and this is because of the need to drive through Brazil on the way.  After you are collected from Puerto Iguazu, our driver will take you to the Argentina border to exit the country and drive you through a special tourism lane to make the crossing quicker.


You then drive over the bridge to the Brazilian border to stop for entry permission and here your driver will show you where to stamp into Brazil.  Once in Brazil you drive across the city of Foz do Iguacu to where there is a second bridge that connects to Paraguay, and here you will first need to get your document stamped again to exit Brazil before crossing the bridge and stopping to do the Paraguayan immigration entry procedure.


After completing all border processes, you drive across the city of Ciudad del Este to the area known as Minga Guazu where the AGT airport is located, and this is where your driver will bid you a good flight.

Pick-up Time

Because the Guarani AGT airport is far from Puerto Iguazu and the journey is made longer by the need to stop 4 times at borders which can be very crowded, we usually set the pick-up time at about 5.5 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.  If the flight is early morning or late night then pick-up can be set closer to the flight departure time.


The exact pick-up time is sent to you in confirmation before the day of the flight!

About this transfer

  Hours of operation:
  You may reserve this service for any flight departing the AGT airport.


  Procedures at the Border:  Our drivers make the border a quick and easy process and will show you exactly where you need to go to process your documents.  Important – you need to make sure you have the correct permissions for entering Brazil, because even though you are only there for a short time, Brazilian immigration will process you as entering and departing Brazil.



Vehicles are no older than 5 years and are insured against damages to the passenger regardless of whether in Brazil, Argentina or Paraguay.  Drivers hold credentials from the Sest Senat training school in Foz do Iguaçu.


 For 1 – 4 passengers – Private Sedan – Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Zafira, Chevrolet Meriva or similar

Baggage Allowance:  4 standard sized principal suitcases or backpacks + 4 small carry on items able to fit at your feet if you are a group of 4. If you plan to travel with more luggage than the allowance, then contract the van transfer for 5 passengers instead.


  For 5 – 12 passengers – Private MiniVan – Renault Master, Mercedes Sprinter or similar

Baggage Allowance:  12 standard sized principal suitcases or backpacks + 15 small carry on items able to fit at your feet if you are a group of 12.  Contact us before booking if you plan to travel with more luggage than the allowance.


Transfer from Puerto Iguazu to Ciudad del Este airport


Currency in Brazilian Real (R$)

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