Iguazu Falls Entrance Fee

It is impossible to see the Iguazu Falls without paying an entrance fee to a National park, with the exception of a helicopter, or dangerously floating down the Iguazu river which we do not recommend .  In Brazil, as in Argentina, the entrance fee is based on where you are a resident, and below we have provided all you need to know about national park fees on both sides of the border.

Brazil side of Iguazu falls entrance fee

You can enter the park from 09:00 am until 17:00 pm and the entry fee for the Brazilian side of the falls can be paid once you arrive at the falls, or you can pre-pay your entrance online.  To see the current entrance rates in Brazilian Reals, and pay your entry in advance, you can visit this website: https://tickets.cataratasdoiguacu.com.br

Brazilian nationals are entitled to the cheapest entrance fee to the falls, and then the next cheapest are for the citizens of Mercosur which include Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, or Venezuela.  The rest of the world need to pay full price for their entrance to the National Park, but there is a child discount for kids up until 11 years.

There is a cash machine at the entrance, and you can pay for your ticket with a credit card.  Shops, restaurants and the boat trip located inside the park also accept credit card.  Once you enter there are free electric-run buses that take you to the start of the trail which you follow for different views of the falls.

Currencies accepted at the ticket window:  Brazilian Reals, USD, Argentine Pesos, Paraguayan Guarani

Argentina side of Iguazu falls entrance fee

Similar to the Brazilian entrance, the Argentinan entrance fee is determined by where in the world you reside. Argentine nations have the cheapest entrance, followed by nationals of the Mercosur countries.  The rest of the world pays a higher fee with no discount for children. The train to the devil’s throat is included, but the park entry does not include the boat rides which are operated by a private company.

Because of Argentine inflation, the price of entrance fluctuates a lot, so much so that sometimes even the park’s official website cannot keep up, but this is the best page to use as a guide to prices: https://iguazuargentina.com/en/parque-nacional-iguazu

PAYING CASH – if you are going to pay your entrance in cash, it can only be paid in Argentine Pesos, because they do not change currency at the ticket window.  If you are coming from Brazil just for a day trip, it is important that you change money before arriving at the park’s gate.  There is a cash machine at the entrance, but reports are it is unreliable and regularly out of cash, so it is best to bring Pesos with you.

PAYING CREDIT CARD – Until recently the entrance could only be paid in cash, but now they are accepting credit card payments. From last reports, they are only accepting Visa and Mastercard. When paying by credit card, you may be asked you to show your passport or other ID.

Prices inside the Argentine Side of the Falls – There is an ATM cash machine inside the park, and all the restaurants,  boat operators and shops do take credit card.  It is worth mentioning that food and drinks (even water) are very expensive on the Argentine side, while the Brazil side has more reasonable prices.


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