Is iguazu border open?

Is the Iguazu border open and what are the covid requirements?

It seems like every few minutes we are getting a new inquiry asking if the border is open at Iguazu and if we can transfer people between Brazil and Argentina yet, so we decided to post border updates here as we get them.

Things change quickly in these times of Covid, but because we are crossing the border every day we will try to keep this page updated with current information.

Another advantage of booking our transfer services is that we will send you updates on what you need to cross the border whenever there is a change.

Check point for Rapid Antigen and PCR test at ARgentine Immigration

Queueing to have covid test documentation stamped by medical professionals before moving onto passport control at Argentine immigration.

Brazil and Argentina immigration determine whether they will accept travellers entering their countries independently from the other. Therefore, if one country is allowing people to cross, do not assume that the other is also.

Click below to see if you are able to cross from one country to the other, and what requirements are now necessary because of the current covid situation.

Is the Argentina border open and what are the covid requirements?

LATEST UPDATE  04 September 2022
It is no longer required to fill out the online affidavit at all to enter or re-enter Argentina at the Iguazu border.
When we get to the Argentine immigration, all you need for entering Argentina are the following:
  • Passport
  • Visa (only if your nationality needs one)
  • A valid email address (they will send your entrance permit to you by email)
It is best to have your email address written down so you can just hand them it for immigration to enter into their system.

The Argentine land border at Iguazu has been open since the 1st of November 2021, and foreign travellers are currently able to cross the border from Brazil to Argentina.

But before you rush to Foz do Iguacu to attempt a crossing, it is important you know all the immigration requirements or else you will be denied entry if you do not have all the documents that are now required because of this ongoing pandemic.


Documents you will need to cross the border into Argentina

Apart from a valid passport, and a visa if your nationality requires one, here are the frequently asked questions we are receiving about what one needs to enter Argentina by the land border from Foz do Iguacu:


I have heard there is something to fill out online before crossing into Argentina, is that true?

Yes, if you are crossing from Brazil to Argentina and you will stay in Argentina, there is an online affidavit form you must fill out within 48 hours before crossing.

We will send you the form with your transfer confirmation so you can fill it out in advance.

The online declaration must be filled out by each person crossing. If you are travelling with young children or a disabled person, then a caretaker can fill it out on their behalf. Those aged older than 70 years old are also exempt from filling out the form.

We made a video about tips to fill out the online declaration form and answer the questions!

NOTE – If you are just crossing the border to go to the falls from the Argentine side, and you will return to Brazil, then you are not required to do the online form.



Do I need a Covid vaccination to enter Argentina?

Yes, you are required to present proof of double vaccination at the border for entry into Argentina. Those with the 1 shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine are accepted as well.

The final vaccine dose is to be applied more than 2 weeks before you cross the border.

Children 12 years and younger are not required to show proof of vacine

On the online affidavit which you must fill out before arriving at the border, you are required to give the dates you received each vaccine shot and which type you received eg, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, etc.


Do I need a PCR test to enter Argentina?

They are no longer checking for PCR test results at the Iguazu border.

If you need one for onward travel we wrote an article about where you can get a PCR or Rapid Antigen test in Foz do Iguacu here.


Foz do Iguaçu PCR Rapid Antigen test


I heard I can just get a Rapid Antigen test to cross the border to Argentina, is that true?

When they were requiring a Covid test, the Antigen test was sufficient, but no Covid test is currently required at the Iguazu land border.


If you cross from Brazil to Argentina are you allowed to return to Brazil?

Yes, the Brazil border is also open, and you can return to Brazil. This means you can visit the falls on the Argentine side and come back the same day.



Summary of the Argentine border crossing Covid 19 requirements


  1. An affidavit is to be filled out online within 48 hrs before entering Argentina.  We send the link with your transfer confirmation.
  2. Proof of double vaccination or 1 shot of Jansen (Johnsons & Johnson). Children 12 and under are exempt.


What are the new Argentine border procedures?

After stamping out of Brazil you drive along the bridge over the Iguazu river and eventually will come to Argentine immigration offices.  The details of the affidavit you completed will be checked here. 


Processing covid documents at Argentine border

Photo of people lining up to have their COVID documents checked before the border.


They will be checking for any falsified documents so be careful you present official copies because it is considered a crime to try and pass fake documents at the border.

When we transfer you across the border our drivers make sure you stop at all the correct checkpoints and make the process as easy for you as possible.

If you want information about transfers to Argentina then contact us giving as much information as possible.

Eg. from where in Foz do Iguacu you need to be collected and where in Argentina you wish to go. Please provide any flight and hotel info if relevant. 

    Transfers that cross the border

    Transport from Foz do Iguacu to the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls
    IGU airport to the Brazil side of the falls and then Puerto Iguazu Transfer
    Transfer from the Foz do Iguacu airport to Puerto Iguazu
    Foz do Iguacu to the Puerto Iguazu IGR airport
    Foz do Iguacu hotels to Puerto Iguazu hotels
    Foz do Iguacu to Argentina side of Iguazu falls, then IGR airport


    The Brazilian border is now open!  As of the 11th of December 2021, you may cross from Argentina to Brazil at the Iguazu land border crossing.

    This means it is currently possible to travel from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina to Foz do Iguacu in Brazil if you have the correct requirements. We will explain what Brazil requires for you to enter their country by land at Iguazu.


    What are the recent requirements to enter Brazil?

    Of course, you still need your passport, and if your nationality requires one, a visa. But the new requirements as a response to the current pandemic are:

    • Proof of double vaccination against Covid-19, and the 2nd shot needs to have been administered at least 14 days prior to crossing. The one jab Johnson / Jansen 1 shot vaccine is also accepted.